Student Housing Fire Protection

In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008, UA Little Rock is providing mandatory fire safety information as a part of this report.

All Residence halls have:

  • A fire alarm system with detection throughout the building including sleeping quarters
  • An interior addressable fire alarm panel which when activated issues a full alarm response (4 engine companies, 2 ladder companies, and 2 battalion chiefs)
  • Fire extinguishers located on every floor throughout the buildings
  • 24-hour monitoring

North Hall, South Hall, and University Commons have:

  • Automatic wet sprinklers throughout the building including sleeping quarters

East Hall has:

  • Automatic wet sprinklers in the trash collection closets and 3 fire hose cabinets on each floor

Below is a detailed feature description as well as a number of fire drills:

Building Fire Alarm RM Detection 24Hr Monitoring Sprinkler Standpipe Fire Drills
East Hall Yes Yes Yes Partial 1 Pump/Riser 2
North Hall Yes Yes Yes Fully 1 Riser 2
South Hall Yes Yes Yes Fully 1 Riser 2
Commons Yes N/A Yes Fully 1 Riser 2

Learn more about housing policies and procedures regarding the use of candles, open flames, small electrical appliances, and evacuation procedures.


Resident and Community Advisors are trained once per year on dorm fire safety by the Environmental Health & Safety Office (EHS) and the Little Rock Fire Department (LRFD). Video aids and lectures are included with a practical demonstration by each student putting out a controlled fire with a 10 pound ABC fire extinguisher. It is the responsibility of the Resident and Community Advisors to disseminate information as required.