Suspicious Activity

Since safety is everyone’s responsibility, it is important for you to be aware of types of behavior and actions that may signal criminal activities. In the university setting, these may include:

  • A person who seems to be wandering in the hallways or lurking about the building
  • Any unusual or suspicious noise that you can’t explain, such as breaking glass or pounding
  • Vehicles moving slowly without lights or to no apparent destination
  • A stranger sitting in a vehicle for an extended period of time for no apparent reason
  • A person hanging around residence hall windows or parking lots
  • A person removing property from a building late at night

Remember, if you are in doubt, contact the UA Little Rock Police Department. The staff will be able to assist you in determining whether or not there is a cause for alarm and if it is necessary to respond. UA Little Rock Police suggests the following approach to reporting suspicious activity on campus:

  1. Remain calm. Keep away from the suspicious person(s) or activity.
  2. Call 501-916-3400, or pick up a campus blue light emergency phone.
  3. Tell the police whether the crime is in progress or has already been committed. If you see a crime in progress, report it IMMEDIATELY. Observe as much as you can. Try to remember:
    • Color of hair, eyes, and skin, facial features, hats, gloves, and facial hair
    • Approximate age, height, and build
    • Unusual marks, scars, tattoos, speech peculiarities, accents, and jewelry and clothing
    • Type of weapon used by the criminal
    • Type of vehicle involved

Counseling support is available through the Counseling and Career Planning Services or the Employee Assistance Program.