35 semifinalists selected for the Spring 2014 Elevator Pitch Contest

On Monday, February 14th,  70 UALR College of Business students competed in the first round of the Spring 2014 Elevator Pitch Contest sponsored by the Center for Professional Selling. The first of three rounds consisted of the students submitting a 60 second audio file of their elevator pitch.

All pitches used the same scenario of imagining themselves as a sales representative for Federated Insurance and finding themselves alone in the esteemed company of Mr. John Riggs, the CEO of J.A. Riggs Tractor Company, while riding in an elevator.

The 35 semifinalists will move on to the second round,  60 second video recording, with the top ten finalists competing live in front of their peers and a panel of judges on April23 in the Reynolds Building Atrium. For more details on the contest itself, visit: https://ualr.edu/selling/2014/01/31/spring-2014-elevator-pitch-contest-announced/

Congratulations to the semifinalists of the Spring 2014 Elevator Pitch Competition – Stage One (Audio)

  • Alesander Tinesz
  • Ashlee Robinson
  • Austin Binz
  • Austin Pfeiffer
  • Brandon Maes
  • Breonna Coleman
  • Brett Morgan
  • Charles Seymore
  • Chelsea Cook
  • Christina Shelnut
  • Crystal Freese
  • Diamond Lewis
  • Dylan Ward
  • Francisco Chong
  • Gus Leeper
  • Heaven Ervin
  • James Dillport
  • Jamie Middleton
  • Jason Maxwell
  • Jimmy Johnson
  • John McAlister
  • Jordon Lynch
  • Kimberly To
  • Kyle Armstrong
  • Laurie Pierce
  • Lindsey Nelson
  • Luis Cabanellas
  • Marleen De Zoete
  • Matthew Smith
  • Quay Allen-Smith
  • Randall Greer
  • Robert Aikman
  • Ryan Hope
  • Trey Gibeault
  • Tyler Carpenter

Elevator Pitch Contest - Stage One Semifinalists:

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