Spring 2014 Elevator Pitch Contest Announced

UALR College of Business Elevator Pitch Contest
Sponsored by the Center for Professional Sales

Elevator Pitch Contest SP 14 logo“Elevator Pitch” is a popular name for a short, concise, persuasive presentation of information concerning one’s self, product or idea. Elevator Pitches are typically crafted to approximate the duration of a short elevator ride (obviously not based on the COB elevators!) with an important audience (banker/boss/recruiter/investor). A good elevator pitch can make the difference between getting a job, a promotion, funding…or a date.

There are several reasons why participating in the Elevator Pitch Contest is a good idea:

  • First, we all need the practice…being able to speak concisely and persuasively is a skill we all need more than ever!
  • The prize money: $20 for the winners of round one, $75 for the winners of round two, and $1,200 to be apportioned to the top five winners of round three.
  • Competing in Elevator Pitch Contest will look good on your resume…and will look even better if you place.
  • The College of Business wants to be known for engaged students and relevant activities…a successful competition is good for the College.

The Elevator Pitch Contest consists of three rounds of competition. The first round is a 60 second audio recording, sent via email to marketing-dept@ualr.edu no later than February 14, 2014.  Survivors of this round then have their Pitches videoed in the COB by the Sales Center during the week of March 10th. Finally, the top 10 finalists will present their pitches live in the College Atrium at 12:30 pm, April 23rd. There will be food (likely pizza) and door prizes. In addition to a professional panel of judges, the audience can vote via smart phone for their favorite contestants.

elevator pitch speach bubble -how exciting! Please tell me more!!The scenario is this:

You are a sales representative for Federated Insurance, a business-to-business risk-management firm (and sponsor of the contest). You enter an elevator at the same time as Mr. John Riggs, the CEO of J.A. Riggs Tractor Company (the first and largest Caterpillar dealership in Arkansas, and NOT presently a customer of Federated). In the 60 second elevator ride to the next floor your challenge is to convince Mr. Riggs to schedule some time to meet with you in the next few days. You are to imagine that you have the attention of Mr. Riggs for 60 seconds while you give your pitch.

Your Elevator pitch is to be crafted from the below files and from any information you may find on the Federated website (www.federatedinsurance.com) and the Riggs-Cat website (http://www.riggs-cat.com). Time your pitches to be 50-70 seconds. Practice, practice, practice! Remember to record your pitch in a quiet environment. Email it to: marketing-dept@ualr.edu

Let’s get started!  Below you will find the additional files:

1. EP Contest Transcription of Online Post

2. Elevator Pitch – Flyer 1

3. Elevator Pitch – Flyer 2

4. Federated 1 – The Firm At A Glance

5. Federated 2 – A Mission We Were Formed To Fulfill

6. Federated 3 – Value-Added Marketing

Additional information on elevator pitches, including a couple of examples, can be found here:

That’s it… Good Luck!
Steve Edison, PhD

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