Our Collections

The Sequoyah National Research Center (SNRC) holds the world’s most comprehensive collection of American Indian, Alaska Native, and First Nations newspapers, periodicals, and other publications. Additionally, the SNRC is home to manuscript and special collections, maps, posters, photographs, and audio-visual recordings and is the official repository for the American Indian Library Association correspondence, the National Trail of Tears Association, and the Native American Journalists Association.


SNRC’s newspaper collection houses over 2800 titles published by tribal communities and governments, Native organizations, language programs, and various groups, representing mostly post-World War II to the present with a handful of earlier exceptions. Microfilm rounds out the collection’s historic newspapers documenting the 19th century and first half of the 20th century. Newspapers are added to the collection on an almost daily basis with 100 current subscriptions found within the holdings.

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Certificate of Allotment for Martha L. Morgan (Cherokee), August 26, 1905

Manuscript and Special Collections

SNRC supports all areas of research on American Indian, Alaska Native, and First Nations peoples. Strengths of the collection include: Native press history, Trail of Tears, American Indian/Alaska Native authors, Cherokee history and culture, and Oklahoma and Indian Territory history and politics.

Notable collections include: the Press History Collection, compiled by SNRC staff; Trail of Tears research materials, including the National Trail of Tears Association Records and the Arkansas Chapter of the Trail of Tears Records; Writers Files, compiled by SNRC staff, containing 4500 American Indian/Alaska Native authors; the John T. Moncravie Collection of Osage History and Culture; the Hirschfelder-Molin Native American Stereotypes Collection; and the James W. and Sallie E. Frazier Trust Collection, a collection of Cherokee family papers spanning two centuries.

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The non-circulating library includes books on history, literature, and languages highlighting works from a Native perspective. Additionally, the library includes non-Native periodicals, music, and film.

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