Expo Presenter Information

Click here to register to present at Expo. Registration for Expo closes on Friday, March 17th so register now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I show up to set up my poster and/or demonstration?

A: 30 minutes before your time slot starts. For example, if you are presenting at 1:00 PM, set up at 12:30 PM

Q: Can I present work I’ve done outside of UA Little Rock?

A: Yes! We welcome all creative works and research done by our students at Expo.

Q: I received a UALR Signature Award, do I still need to register for Expo?

A: Yes! Your project may have changed and/ or you needed to add other authors/collaborators.


Q: What dimensions should my poster be?

A: Dimensions of the poster must be 36″x48″. (Example) We will provide you with a 36″ x 48″ poster board to attach your poster. We will also provide clips to attach to your poster at the display table.

Q: Do I have to pay to print my poster?

A: No. We got you! Submit your poster to be printed by the deadline and we will print it for you free of charge.

Q: Where do I upload my poster once I am ready for it to be printed?

A: Click here to upload your completed poster.

Q: Once my poster is printed, where do I go to get it?

A: At the print shop. (See map)


Please be advised we have a very tight timeline for these presentations so if you are not in the room 30 minutes before you present, you may not get to present your work. Please arrive early to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Q: Where do I upload the presentation for my talk?

A: Click here to upload your presentation.

Q: When do I need to upload my presentation for my talk?

A: Presentations MUST be uploaded by Wednesday, April 19th at 11:59 PM central time.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about the Expo?

A: Michael E. Moore, Ph.D. Director of Undergraduate Research and Mentoring at memoore5@ualr.edu or 501-916-6039.