Travel and Purchasing Guidelines

The administration of Signature Experience grants will be determined by the colleges. In the past, the College of Business has decided to administer the grants at the college level and EIT, CSSC, CALS, and CEHP have decided to administer funds in the department of the registered faculty mentor. The administration of the 2019/20 Signature Experience grants will be determined and announced by October 30.

FOAPAL: Each grant will be assigned a FOAPAL with a specific activity code for the mentee/mentor. It is essential that the activity code is included in the FOAPAL on all payments requested as reconciling will be done by activity code. You are authorized to spend up to but not over the allotted grant.[1]

Requisitions and Purchase Orders will use the designated FOAPAL throughout the process and CTS purchases will be reconciled when you perform your monthly reconciliation by reallocating funds for the related grant expenses to the designated grant FOAPAL.

Travel Instructions: If your mentee plans to use SEG funds to travel, the first step is to complete the Student Trip Authorization form. Once this form is signed by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, you will submit it with a Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses form through the travel portal. Keep in mind that hotel costs are generally regulated by per diem rates through General Services Administration (GSA). If students plan to drive to an event, they will also need to complete an Authorization to Operate State Vehicles and Private Vehicles on State Business form. Finally, in order to reconcile travel expenses, the Travel Expenses Reimbursement/Reconciliation Form (TR-1) should be completed within 14 days of travel and submitted through the travel portal.

Payment: Payment for travel expenses may be by university-issued credit cards, prepayment of expenses, or personal reimbursement as outlined in the grant application. If your mentee’s award is being administered at the department level, and your department has a CTS card, this would be the most efficient method of payment for travel, hotel, and conference registration fees. To use the CTS card for a hotel, you will have to complete a credit card authorization form provided by the hotel business. Contact the hotel for details. The CTS card can be used to pay only the basic room rate and tax. Additional information on methods of payment is available on the Travel website and the Travel Quick Reference Guide.

Reimbursement: Direct reimbursement will be limited to expenses related to travel that cannot effectively be purchased with an internal payment method. Such expenses include gas, millage, food, parking, and transportation such as a taxi or Uber. Receipts for these expenses must be included with a TR1 to ensure that financial aid is not affected.

General Supplies: For purchases of general supplies, books, or research instruments and software, you should first check the UA Little Rock Procurement Services website to see if one of our vendors can be used and determine whether the specific purchase is allowed under state and federal law. Your administrative assistant should be able to help you with this process. If you are unclear about how to make or whether you can make a specific purchase, you should seek guidance from the Office of Procurement Services. Most of the general supplies can be purchased with a P-Card or through a Purchase Order.

If you need additional information, you can consult the Travel website, the Travel Quick Reference Guide, Travel FAQs, or contact Procurement Services at or 501-569-3144.


[1] Note: when a department or program has multiple grants, you must be careful to limit individual grant reconciliation to the allotted amount to ensure that other grants are not affected. While not authorized, a grant of $700 could spend into a grant of $1000 by $100, thus limiting the second grant to $900.