Message about COVID-19 vaccinations from Cody Henslee, Staff Senate President

Staff Senate President, Cody Henslee, has a message about the COVID-19 vaccination:

On Monday, January 18th, 2021, the State of Arkansas has authorized that they will begin providing COVID-19 vaccinations for members of “Phase 1B”. As an employee of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, you are considered part of this group and will become eligible to begin your 2 part COVID-19 vaccination. To inquire about eligibility requirements or to schedule an appointment, I encourage you to reach out to a participating pharmacy in your area. I have provided a list of participating pharmacies in the state here.

It is through the efforts of the whole that UA Little Rock is able to have the impact it does in so many of our and our student’s lives. I am grateful to be a member of this community and look forward to seeing everyone again very soon. #TrojansTogether

For more information about the University’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, please visit

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