SPIN Bike Share on Campus

We’re so glad so many people are enjoying the new campus Spin Bikes! Here are a few things to remember, plus a quick how-to video on using the bike service starring UA Little Rock students Elvis Mull and Madison Rogers.

Row of bikes to share on campusThings to remember:

To get the discounted rate, please use your ualr.edu email address when registering your account. You can ride for only 50 cents for 30 minutes or $14 per month unlimited.

  • Bikes must stay on campus and remain parked outside of buildings or residence halls so everyone can have access to them.
  • Use hand signals (left or right) if you are turning on a street.
  • Park bikes on a paved surface and use the double kickstand to set it upright so the back wheel is slightly off the ground. (We’ve seen a lot of bikes laying on the ground!)
  • Don’t forget to lock the bike after you park it.
  • Don’t leave your bike parked in the middle of a sidewalk or in front of doorways.If you have questions, please direct them to spinbikes@ualr.edu.

Check out the local coverage of our bike share program!