Composting at UA Little Rock

Interested in composting but don’t have the resources at home? Do you need help getting started? Consider  participating in the Compost Bucket Program at the UA Little Rock Campus Garden.

Simply take a bucket home to collect food scraps, then drop off the full bucket at one convenient location, accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The compost bucket shelf is located in front of the University Police station at 3340 Fair Park Boulevard, directly across from U.S. Pizza. The Campus Garden will use these scraps in cultivating new crops for the campus and for our community!

Compost Bucket Pickup/drop off
 Here’s what goes in the compost bin:
Compost Area

  • Food scraps from fruits, vegetables, cheese, grains (excluding  avocado seeds)
  •  Coffee grounds and filters
  •  Tea bags (no staples, please)

The organic matter decomposes naturally and provides the Campus Garden with a nutrient-dense mixture which will replenish the soil of lost minerals and nutrients used by the year-round vegetable production.

For questions about the composting program or to learn more about how to get involved, email

We Appreciate Your Help!

A Student Helps Prepare a Composting Area