Beekeeping demonstration at Sustainability Day.

Sustainability Report 2022-2023

Annual Grant Competitions

The Sustainability Committee sponsors an annual grant competition to promote sustainability. The 2022-23 winners were:

Chad Overturf
Development of new composite wood from Styrofoam and organic waste materials

Dr. Chrystal Rose
Installation of a water bottle filling station in the UA Little Rock Pat Walker Center for Nursing Education Building

Shawn Bayouth and Julia Napolitano
Aerosol Can Recycling Program

Vasti Hernandez
Installing a Trash Boom on Coleman Creek

Building Renovations and Recycling

For the last thirteen years, all major building renovations and new construction received LEED accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council.  Additionally, all mechanical and electrical systems are upgraded to reduce the use of electricity and natural gas.

The university continues to operate a recycling program.  This year, the campus recycled tons of paper, cardboard, aluminum, and plastic.  Additional stations were added for battery recycling. To decrease trash contamination, receptacles were placed adjacent to recycling containers.  Several large waste dumpsters were replaced to include units for cardboard collection.

Sustainability Day and Earth Day

In Fall 2023, our campus organized Sustainability Day. This event featured local vendors showcasing eco-friendly products and services as well as a station for electronic recycling. Entergy, the local electric provider, distributed 750 LED lamps, 750 power strips, and 2,500 LED light bulbs, promoting energy conservation among our campus community.

In Spring 2023, our campus celebrated Earth Day with local vendors sharing their products and services. Entergy provided free energy-efficient products. During this event, the Coleman Creek clean-up gathered 300 pounds of discarded waste.

Campus Garden

The student-led campus garden continues to be a success. Members of our campus community can use raised beds to grow produce for their consumption. Larger community plantings provide produce for the university’s Food Pantry. The garden has a composting program for coffee grounds from our campus.

Sustainability Committee Chair,
Jim Carr AC, GMB, CGP
Construction Management