University Avenue Revitalization Project

Information from 2016

University Avenue runs north and south through the middle of the University District. Constructed in its present form in 1957, University Avenue has been a primary arterial street for almost 70 years. Its current traffic volume numbers about 35,000 vehicles daily, including most of UA Little Rock’s 13,000 students, faculty and staff.

Although, the City of Little Rock maintains the University Avenue roadway, its age-related obsolescence, repeated overlays and utility cuts, and damaged drainage culverts steadily erode its condition. In addition, streetlights, which are located in the middle of the asphalt median are occasionally hit by cars, resulting in several of the light poles not being replaced. In its present condition, the roadway is a hazard to both vehicles and pedestrians.

New construction is the only effective solution for the obsolete and damaged roadway. In April, UA Little Rock applied for capital project funds through the federal Transportation Investment Growing Economic Recovery (TIGER) program to rebuild the roadway and streetscape from 28th Street south to Asher Avenue/Col. Glenn. TIGER funds, combined with City of Little Rock and Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department funds, will not only change the corridor to a more walkable environment, but will allow more effective street maintenance. As the environment in this area becomes more pedestrian-friendly, vehicular traffic will calm, putting less stress on the roadway.

The document links listed below include the TIGER grant narrative and attachments. The U. S. Department of Transportation will review the TIGER grant applications during this summer (2016), and announce the projects that will receive funding in late summer or early fall.

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