Outgoing Shipments (FIX006)

Departments requesting the return of tagged property to a vendor for credit, exchange, repair or trade-in must complete this form.

Outgoing Shipment Form FIX006


Date: The date the asset was returned to the vendor for return, repair or replacement.

Organization Name: The name of the organization responsible for the asset.

Reason for Shipment: The reason the asset was returned. If there is a reason not covered in the above list, please provide a brief explanation.

Vendor Name: The name of the original vendor of the asset.

Address: The complete address of the vendor.

Custodian Name: The custodian or person responsible for the asset that was returned.

Building: The building where the asset was originally located.

Room: The room number where the asset was originally located.

Permanent Tag Number: The number on the property tag that is affixed to the asset.

Description: An accurate description of the asset, including serial number and model number, if available.

Serial Number: The serial number of the asset, if available.

Unit Cost: The unit cost of the asset found on the purchase order.

Remarks: Optional remarks or explanation of the returned asset. Include whether this particular asset will be returned or if it will be replaced with a new item.

Organization Head Signature: The signature of the organization head.