University Assembly and Faculty Senate

Welcome to the University Assembly’s web page. The University Assembly and the Faculty Senate are the primary legislative bodies for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Next Regular Faculty Senate meeting, Legends Room, 1:00, Friday, May 5, 2017

Agenda for 5/5/2017 meeting

Agenda for 4/21/2017 meeting

Agenda for 3/31/2017 meeting

Planning and Finance revision to the Draft Strategic Plan Update

Draft of the Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Recommendation Process

Strategic Plan Survey

Agenda for the 2/17/2017 meeting (revised) – for reference

UGC report

GC report

Core Council report

Minutes for the 1/20/2017 meeting

UGC Report

Core Council Report

Minutes from 12/09/2016 meeting

Minutes from 11/18/2016 meeting

IB memo

Provost Search memo

Minutes for the 11/18/2016 meeting (Draft)

Undergraduate Council 11-18-2016

Graduate Council 11-18-2016

Council on Core Curriculum and Policies 11-18-2016

Faculty Governance Committee 11-18-2016

Minutes for the 10/21/2016 meeting (Draft)

Core Council Report

Graduate Council Report

Undergraduate Council Report Academy Report

Minutes for the 9/23/2016 meeting

Graduate Council Report

Core Council Report

UGC Report

Memo on Admission Standards

Memo on Paperless Curriculum Process

Memo on Judicial Policy Review

Minutes for the 8/26/2016 meeting

Core Council

Minutes for the 5/6/2016 meeting

Agenda for the 10/21/2016 meeting, updated 10/20/2016

Agenda for the 9/23/2016 meeting

Agenda for the 8/26/2016 meeting (for reference)

Agenda for the 5/6/2016 meeting (for reference)


Next University Assembly meeting,Donaghey Student Center Rooms A/B/C, Friday, April 21, 2017

Minutes from the 4-21-2017 meeting

Agenda for the 4-21-2017 meeting

Minutes for the 8-18-2016 meeting

Agenda for the 8-18-2016 meeting

Minutes for the 4-21-2016 meeting

Agenda for the 4-21-2016 meeting (for reference)

Minutes for the 8-13-2015 meeting, President Wright’s Opening Remarks

Agenda for the 8-13-2015 meeting (for reference)


About the University Assembly

The University Assembly is the overarching governance body and is composed of key administrators, all full-time regular faculty, elected members of the Staff Senate, and student representatives selected by the Student Government Association. All legislative functions of the UALR Assembly are assigned to the UALR Faculty Senate subject only to the right of the Assembly to amend or rescind legislative actions of the Faculty Senate.

About the Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is composed of faculty representing each college, one senator for each ten faculty; the chancellor; provost; president of the Staff Senate; and president of the Student Government Association. The areas of the Faculty Senate’s legislative authority shall include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Admission requirements
  2. Curriculum and courses
  3. Degrees and requirements for degrees
  4. Calendar and schedules
  5. Awards, honors and honorary degrees
  6. Interpretation of its own legislation

In addition to its legislative authority and all actions taken under this authority, the Faculty Senate shall make comments and recommendations on matters of UALR concern and multi-campus concern.