Students in the Field

UA Little Rock anthropology students do fieldwork all over the world and right here in the central Arkansas area.

A sampling of the great things that our students do includes:

  • Nicole Ursin conducted fieldwork with Micronesian immigrants to the U.S. with Dr. Juliana Flinn.
  • Our anthropology students regularly travel to Oman to participate in archaeological excavations of an ancient and medieval port city, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Al Baleed in the Land of Frankincense.  These excavations are directed by Dr. Krista Lewis.
  • Mackie O’Hara participated in a paleoanthropological excavation at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Swartkrans in South Africa.  See a poster she created about her experience: Swartkrans Poster.
  • Parker Taylor practiced his chimpanzee identification and chimp enrichment activities at the Jane Goodall Institute in South Africa. Read Parker’s description of his experience.
  • Students in our introductory archaeology class excavated at Toltec Mounds during a special spring break dig.
  • Liz Sanders participated in an archaeological project in highland Yemen with Dr.  Krista Lewis.