Research and Fieldwork

Anthropology students and faculty at UA Little Rock conduct a variety of research addressing diverse facets of what it means to be human. Anthropologists study people at any place and time, and they look at any aspect of humanity.

There are many opportunities for student research in anthropology. Many of our courses have research projects built into them, and when there is no specific class for what a student wants to research, our faculty will work with them to create independent study projects.

Students in the Field

  • Meghan Matherne won a Mark Hartmann Fieldwork in Anthropology Fellowship and used it to participate in an archaeological field school in Achill, Ireland.
  • Jessi Perren was a fellowship winner and she traveled to Belize in to be a part of an archaeological and ethnoarchaeological project at the ancient Maya site of El Pilar.
  • Several years ago, anthropology graduate Elizabeth Sanders traveled to the Middle East to join Dr. Lewis for a mapping project at the ancient Himyarite archaeological site of Masna’at Maryah in Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Nicole Ursin conducted fieldwork with Micronesian immigrants to the U.S. with Dr. Juliana Flinn.
  • Our anthropology students traveled to Oman to participate in archaeological excavations of an ancient and medieval port city, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Al Baleed in the Land of Frankincense.
  • Mackie O’Hara participated in a paleoanthropological excavation at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Swartkrans in South Africa.
  • Parker Taylor practiced his chimpanzee identification and chimp enrichment activities at the Jane Goodall Institute in South Africa.
  • Students in our introductory archaeology class excavated at Toltec Mounds during a spring break dig.
  • Liz Sanders participated in an archaeological project in highland Yemen with Dr.  Krista Lewis.

Support the Mark Hartman Anthropology Student Fellowship

The Mark Hartman Anthropology Student Fellowship honors the memory of Mark Hartman and provides financial assistance to students for participating in anthropological fieldwork or field school concurrently with their studies in pursuit or enrichment of a degree in anthropology at the UA Little Rock.