Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology includes four broad fields: archaeologyphysical (biological) anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and cultural anthropology. At UA Little Rock, we believe a well-rounded anthropology degree should be grounded in the four fields.

culturesHave you ever wondered how to interact with the diverse people you encounter in your daily life, or how you would manage to understand what was going on if you traveled to a place very different from where you grew up?

Cultural anthropology explores how anthropologists study human cultural diversity and commonalities worldwide and locally.

If you are looking for the right toolbox to help you figure out how to positively engage with the world around you, consider taking the Understanding Cultures course. This course counts as a social sciences core class at UA Little Rock and is also one of the foundation classes for the anthropology major.

Cultural anthropology examines how culturally diverse perspectives and practices actually make us a stronger, more resilient and sustainable planet. This field looks to understand how seemingly “strange” practices actually work and what they mean in their cultural context.

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