Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Co-op?
When a student earns academic credit for their internship or job, we refer to this as a Co-op.

Can any internship or job be approved for Co-op credit?
No.  The internship or job duties must be associated with the student’s major or minor.

Are Co-op courses offered in every field of study?
No. View the Co-op courses currently offered here.

Are Co-op courses free?
No.  Tuition for a Co-op course is the same as any course.  However, in some cases, we offer delayed credit which means a student can do the Co-op in one semester or term, and enroll in the Co-op course to receive credit in the next semester or term.

What is the Co-op process?
View the Co-op process here.

Are Co-op courses offered year-round?

Can a Co-op course be repeated?
It depends on the course.  Co-op course descriptions can be viewed here.

Are Co-op classes held in a classroom?
No. The worksite is the “classroom”.

Will my work supervisor be involved in my Co-op?
Yes. Your work supervisor will be required to complete a Supervisor Pre-Assessment, Co-op Employer Questionnaire, and Supervisor Post Assessment of your work performance.  Learn more about the Co-op process here.

How will my work supervisor receive the required Supervisor Pre-Assessment, Co-op Employer Questionnaire and Supervisor Post Assessment?
Over the course of the semester or term, the Cooperative Education Coordinator will email the paperwork to the work supervisor.

How are Co-op courses graded?
All Co-op courses, except Business Co-op courses, receive a letter grade.  Business Co-op courses are credit or no credit. Co-op course descriptions can be viewed here.

Who will grade the Co-op course?
The Faculty Co-op Advisor grades the Co-op course.

Who are the Faculty Co-op Advisors?
Contact for more information.

How can I request to do a Co-op?
Complete the Co-op Position Request Form here.

Who do I contact for questions about Cooperative Education?
Contact us at