Guidelines for CHASSE Summer 2021 Research and Creative Endeavors Fellowship Proposals

The College of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education invites proposals for the 2021 Summer Research and Creative Activities Fellowships. Up to $2,000 in funds is available to faculty from each of the five areas that comprise the college, including Humanities (English, World Languages, Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies, History); Social Sciences (Sociology/Anthropology, School of Public Affairs, Psychology); Communication (Applied Communication, Rhetoric and Writing, Mass Communications); Arts (Music, Theatre Arts and Dance, Art and Design); and the School of Education.

Award funds are to be used for research/creative endeavors expenses (e.g. travel, books, computer equipment, supplies, etc.) subject to university and state purchasing regulations. Estimates of these expenses must be indicated in the application, and actual expenses must be documented at the end of the granting period. Please note: equipment and books purchased with fellowship money will become the property of the university. Full-time tenured and tenure-track CHASSE faculty are eligible to apply.

Applications should be written in language understandable by non-specialists (please avoid disciplinary jargon). See below for format and length requirements:

  1. Cover Letter (250 words maximum)
  2. Project Abstract (150 words maximum)
  3. Project Overview (1,000 words maximum)
    1. Background and Statement of Problem
    2. Project Purpose, Objectives, and/or Specific Aims
    3. Methodology and Outcome Measures
    4. Long-Term Prospects
  4. Project Budget
    1. Include estimated expenditure dates
    2. If faculty wishes to use the funds in a way other than stated in the application, permission must be obtained first from the dean’s office.
    3. Faculty should include information about matching funding from other sources, where applicable.
  5. Disclosure of Financial Interests in Project (e.g., part of ongoing grant, being paid for associated work, etc.)
  6. Summary curriculum vitae, including relevant professional activities. (One page maximum)

An evaluation rubric is available here. The criteria for evaluation of grant applications is as follows:

  1. Completeness and clarity
  2. Scholarly and/or artistic originality and overall impact
  3. Feasibility
  4. Long-term prospects of the project (e.g., future funding, publications, shows/performances)
  5. Contribution to the applicant’s scholarly/artistic career
  6. Clearly stated and detailed budget. Budget must specify a timetable of expenditures throughout the summer. In particular, specify expenditures for FY21 (prior to June 30) and for FY22 (July 1-August 4). Final expenditure date is August 14, 2021.

Funding recommendations will be made by the CHASSE Awards and Scholarships Committee. The maximum amount of any single award will be $2,000. No more than two projects will be funded from each of the college categories. In the event that there are no complete applications received from one of the categories, or the requested funds from one area does not exceed $2,000, the committee may redistribute these funds to applications from other categories.

Successful applicants will provide the Dean’s office with a follow-up report, as well as make themselves available for a public presentation of the results of the project in the Fall 2021 semester. Recipients of awards must follow IRB rules and are responsible for obtaining approval should such be required.


Faculty submit applications online by: March 29
Funding award winners notified by: April 15
Funds available to candidates by: May 16, 2021
Last date of expenditures: August 14, 2021
Recipients’ follow-up reports are due in the Dean’s office: October 1

You may submit your application and materials online here.

Or paper copies may be submitted to the CHASSE Dean’s Office in Fine Arts 210.

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