The Chemistry program offers a full set of courses designed to prepare a student for graduate study, medical school, secondary education, or work in the chemical industry.

What can you expect?

  • a foundational program with associated labs in general, organic, and quantitative chemistry
  • intensive junior/senior laboratory courses in conjunction with advanced courses in biochemistry, physical, inorganic, and organic chemistry
  • courses grounded in problem-solving using both practical and quantitative reasoning skills
  • a department committed to the idea that students should conduct research as part of their undergraduate curriculum
  • faculty-directed undergraduate research and collaboration with other institutions

Degree outcomes

We hope to prepare our students to address chemical problems that have come to dominate the headlines of today’s news from nuclear to biomedical issues and everything in between. Our students have gone on to work in many fields including:

  • chemical industrial research
  • medicine (including doctors, physician assistants, and pharmacists)
  • teaching (both secondary and college)
  • energy and waste management
  • biotechnology