Computer Science Track

The computer science track of the doctoral program in computer and information sciences provides high-quality research and educational experiences by maintaining a balance between theoretical and experimental aspects of computer science.

The goal is for students to develop and demonstrate research skills in all facets of computing. This track allows you to obtain an in-depth education in specific aspects of computer science and related fields. The track encourages interdisciplinary research among faculty, students, and research associates. It is the unique interdisciplinary combination that distinguishes our Ph.D. track and the department facilitates a collegial atmosphere that is conducive to the intellectual and scholarly pursuits.

Applicants for the Computer Science track are expected to have a strong computer science background such as a computer science or computer engineering undergraduate or master’s degree.

Computer Science Track Core

  • CPSC 7311 – Software Engineering
  • IFSC 7321 – Information Science: Principles and Theory
  • CPSC 7325 – Software Security Assessment
  • CPSC 7331 – Computer Architecture
    or SYEN 5331 – Advanced Computer Architecture
  • CPSC 7341 – Telecommunications and Networking
  • CPSC 7385 – Analysis of Algorithms

Additional Requirements: Computer Science Track

Seating Availability: Admission may be denied or deferred if the track is at full enrollment. Full enrollment is reached when the Track Coordinator determines there are not enough available faculty, financial support, or other resources to adequately accommodate additional students in the track.

GRE Scores: Quantitative Minimum Score of 155

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