Financial Support

Please be advised, financial support is not guaranteed with admission.

However, there are some sources of financial support available for student in the program.

  • International Student Scholarship – Does not pay a stipend, but it does reduce tuition to in-state rates for international students as long as they remain in good standing in the program. To be eligible you must be
    • An international student
    • Entering the program in the Fall semester
    • Admitted to the UA Little Rock Graduate School for the first time
    • Nominated by a faculty member in the CIS program
  • Teaching Assistantships funded by the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (CSTEM) to assist faculty members with instruction, grading, and other course related duties.
    • Full-time assistantship pays for 9 hours of tuition per semester and a monthly stipend of $1,500.
    • Half-time pays for 4.5 hours of tuition and a monthly stipend of $750.
    • Neither full-time or half-time pays for registration fees, books, housing, or other expenses.
    • These assistantships are generally renewable depending on overall college funding and student and instructor evaluations of performance.
  • Research assistantships  awarded by faculty members in CSTEM with grants funding research assistantship positions. These usually have the same tuition and stipend benefits as the teaching assistantship, but the students are selected by the principal research investigator based on a match of the students skills with particular tasks in the research project. Renewal depends on performance and the period of the funding for the grant supporting the position.
  • Non-CSTEM assistantship funded by other colleges and non-academic units on the UA Little Rock campus such as the Library, IT Services, and Administrative Offices, for a variety of duties. These are awarded by the unit director. The assistantships may be full-time or half-time and the stipend amounts vary by unit.