Information Science Track

Additional Requirements: Information Science Track

Track Coordinator: Dr. Daniel Berleant (

Admission Requirements

Seating Availability: Admission may be denied or deferred if the track is at full enrollment. Full enrollment is reached when the Track Coordinator determines there are not enough available faculty, financial support, or other resources to adequately accommodate additional students in the track.

Background: Applicants for the Information Science Track are not required to have a specific degree background. However, all applicants are expected to have a basic working knowledge of computer programming, database programming, and statistics. Competencies in these areas may be gained demonstrated through formal course work, online training, or on-the-job experience. If unsure, please discuss with your track coordinator.

GRE Scores: Quantitative Minimum Score of 155

Curriculum Requirements

Program Core: The Analysis Course requirement can be satisfied by any one of the following courses

IFSC 7310, Information Systems Analysis

CPSC 7382, Systems Analysis and Design

CPSC 7311, Software Engineering

Track Core Courses:

IFSC 7320, Database Systems and Information Architecture, or CPSC 7351, Database Design

IFSC 5345, Information Visualization

IFSC 7360, Data and Information Privacy

IFSC 7370, Data Science and Technologies

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