Online Option

The Information Quality and the Information Science Tracks can be completed online though the e-Learning online campus. Students who apply for the online Information Quality or Information Science Track will have a separate tuition and fee structure than on-campus students. However, there is no difference in the degree. Transcripts and diplomas of students in the online program show the same degree awarded as students on campus.

Students admitted to the online tracks can only enroll in courses that offer “9Ux” sections. For example, INFQ 7303-9U1, is the online section of INFQ 7303, Principles of Information Quality. Student not in the online tracks can still enroll in certain types of  “webcast” sections to accommodate work or other schedule constraints provided they are not required to attend all classes in-person, e.g. international students on F-1 or J-1 visas. Students enrolled in these types of webcast sections may still be expected to come to the classroom for examinations, presentations, or activities for which the instructor requires attendance. Please consult with the course syllabus or with the course instructor if in doubt.

Online and on-campus courses cannot be mixed during the semester. Students in the online program can only enroll in 9U sections and on-campus students can only enroll other types of sections. However, students can change admission between semesters. For example, if a student begins the program in Little Rock as an on-campus student, but later is transferred to another state by her employer, she can change her admission to online and continue her program remotely.

Blended Online Model

The online program for the Computer and Information Sciences PhD program is a blended, concurrent webcast model. Each lecture course has a scheduled meeting time and on-campus classroom location equipped with webcasting equipment. When the instructor begins the class, he or she begins the live webcast and also start a recording of the session. Online students have the option to join the live webcast and interact with the instructor and other students in the class, or to wait and listen to the recording of the session. Assignments for all students, online or on-campus, are released at the same time and due at the same time. This includes examinations. If an on-campus examination is proctored, then online students are also required to us a proctor. Proctors for online students must be recognized proctoring organizations such as a local college or university or a commercial proctoring service. In these cases, it is the responsibility of the student to find and nominate a proctor. The UA Little Rock Testing Services will validate the proctor nomination, and if approved, will send a copy of the examination and administration instructors for the proctor to give to the student. Remote students are responsible for scheduling their examination session as close as practical to the day and time of the on-campus examination. Students are also responsible for any fees or other costs associated with the

Campus Visit Requirements

All of the 75 hours of course requirements can be completed online. However, three of the non-course requirements must be complete on the UA Little Rock campus. The three requirements that require the student to appear in-person on campus are:

  1. The candidacy examination requirement
  2. The dissertation proposal defense requirement
  3. The final dissertation defense requirement

(NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these examinations are being conducted online until further notice.)

International Students

International students can only enroll in the online program if they participate in the courses while residing in their home country, and as such, are not required to apply for a F-1 or other type of U.S. student visa.

Note: This page is provided for informational purposes only, the most current UA Little Rock Graduate Catalog is the final authority.