Kilby Raptopoulos

Kilby RaptopoulosDr. Kilby Raptopoulos is an Advanced Instructor with the School of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Dr. Raptopoulos is a former criminal probation officer who has worked with the Criminal Justice Department since 2004. She joined the faculty in 2009 teaching full time on-line and in the classroom in the department’s BA and MS programs. As of 2012, she started teaching fully online devoting herself to teaching mostly writing intensive classes. Dr. Raptopoulos has since earned the Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate and Blackboard Advanced Teaching Certification. Dr. Raptopoulos’ research interests include violence and victimization, sex offenders, the media’s portrayal of victims and offenders, empathy as it intersects with criminal justice, and online pedagogy.

Kilby Raptopoulos can be reached at 501-569-3195 or

Kilby Raptopoulos’ Vita.