BEST Robotics – Little Rock BEST

What is BEST? 

Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (BEST) is a national, six-week robotics competition held each fall that is designed to help interest middle and high school students in possible STEM careers.  BEST features two parallel competitions: a robotics game, which is based upon an annual theme with four teams competing at once in a series of three-minute, round-robin matches.  The second competition is the BEST Award, which is presented to the team that best embodies the concept of  Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology.  Elements for the BEST Award include a project summary notebook, oral presentation, table display, and spirit and sportsmanship.

Little Rock BEST held its first competition in 2009.  It remains the longest continuously operating hub in Arkansas. 

The 2020 game is entitled, “Outbreak”, and will be an online format at Little Rock BEST.  Due to COVID-19, teams will have a nine-week window to prepare for the competition.

Although registration is closed, please check out the 2020 winners from Little Rock BEST!  Be sure to bookmark this page to register for the 2021 event!