Inventory schedule has been posted

Arkansas law requires the executive head of each state agency to maintain a record of, and be held accountable for, state property under his control. (A.C.A. §19-4-1502) Annual property inventory is how UA Little Rock’s campus leadership has decided the university will comply with this requirement.

To organize the annual property inventory process, Financial Services distributes an Inventory Scanning Schedule each fiscal year, which designates when departments are to complete their inventory. Further, monthly reminders are sent out monthly to departments scheduled to complete inventory in that particular month. It is imperative that departments adhere to this schedule due to the limited number of scanners available and the increasing amount of UA Little Rock inventory that must be scanned. It is also important to timely resolve any exception reports issued once the scanning process is complete.

If for some reason a department cannot complete inventory as scheduled, the inventory manager should contact Emily Gentle (501-916-5741; as soon as possible so that alternate arrangements can be made.

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