Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2021 – Match Exceptions, Receipts, and Invoice Submission

In preparation for the fiscal year-end closing for FY21, it is imperative that all departments review their match exceptions to resolve issues that are delaying the invoice payments. Please run the following two reports to view match exceptions that may exist for your department’s cost center(s).

RPT – Supplier Invoices in Match Exception (lists all match exceptions)

RPT – Supplier Invoices in Match Exception – Missing Receipts

 To view the descriptions for Supplier Match Exceptions, enter “View Supplier Accounts Match Exception Reasons” in the Workday search field. Please work with Procurement to resolve unit price variances.

For approved freight charges that are included on the invoice but are not listed on the purchase order, please send me an email referencing the PO number and your approval of the freight amount, and I will override the match exception.

For supplier invoice lines that are missing a receipt, the Receipt must be entered for all items that have been delivered and accepted. Please confirm that the Receipt is in “Approved” status. The invoice will not process for payment if the Receipt is in “Draft” status.        
Workday does not send notifications to Accounts Payable when Invoices are attached to a receipt.  Invoices must be submitted through the Accounts Payable Document Submission Portal,

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Vanessa Whitman at 501.916-5743 or

Thank you for helping Accounts Payable better serve your department and close out the fiscal year.

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