Our Mission

The Graduate Institute of Technology (GIT) exists to further the research and technological goals of the scientific, engineering, and technology community in Central Arkansas. GIT provides high-level support in the areas of machining, electronics, welding, and woodworking, as well as support for the university’s computational needs, including high speed networking, simulation, and specialty server maintenance.

GIT is run by 15 permanent staff members appointed from the technical staff, research associate, and faculty levels. These dedicated professionals work closely with GIT’s clients to increase the quality, scope, and capabilities of projects on campus and in the community.

GIT manages all major scientific and engineering instruments and equipment for the College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences and the Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology, including the NMR, SEM, MS, and Structural Testing systems. Additionally, GIT facilitates the Arkansas STRIVE program  and statewide NASA programs, which include the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium and the NASA EPSCoR program.