Executive Team Roles


The president of the GSA will preside over the Executive Team and the GSA Senators, call meetings to order, establish the agenda for each meeting of the Executive Team and Senators, and call special elections as the need arises. The president shall appoint all standing committees with majority approval of the Council (quorum required). The president shall not vote except in cases of a tie.


In the absence of the president, the vice-president will assume the duties of the president. The vice-president will coordinate business activities of the Association as necessary as noted in Article 2, Section 5.5. In the event that the office of president is vacant, the vice-president shall serve in the capacity of president until one can be elected in accordance with Article III, Section 1.1. The Vice-President will call meetings to order if the President is unable to attend the meeting.


The secretary shall record the minutes and attendance of each Executive Team and Senator meetings and ensure that they are presented completely, accurately, timely, and authenticated. Further, the secretary is responsible for maintaining appropriate files of all documents necessary for the operation of the Executive Team and Senators. The Secretary shall report any issues with respect to a member’s active or inactive status to the representatives at-large.


The treasurer shall care and be accountable for such funds as the Council and Executive Team raises and utilizes. The treasurer shall make reports to the Executive Team and the Council regarding budget balances, sources and uses of funds. The treasurer must be bonded. The treasurer will create and propose a budget to the university as needed per university protocol. This budget must be approved by the senate before proposition to the university for approval.


The parliamentarian shall maintain proper parliamentary procedures as defined by Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. The parliamentarian shall also oversee the election process of officers, and oversee special elections if vacancies occur.

Public Relations Coordinator

The public relations coordinator shall be responsible for publicizing GSA events and fundraisers, maintaining GSA social media accounts, and completing GSA online presence maintenance. This includes but is not limited to, social media, printing flyers, and putting events on the GSA website.


Senators shall be responsible for providing perspective on debatable issues, representing the interests of their respective colleges, voting on issues raised by the Executive Team, or by the proposal of constituents with 275 signatures, and participating in GSA events.