GSA Representation

The leadership body of the Graduate Student Association is composed of an elected executive team and senators. However, all graduate students are encouraged to attend GSA meetings to discover more about the goals of their representatives. The GSA wants to know what’s important to you!


There are three senator seats for each graduate college. Senators share information between their departments and the GSA council. This format encourages productive academic and social relationships among students.  In addition, GSA Senators attend campus committee meetings on behalf of the graduate student body. Senators also assist in promoting workshops, recruitment efforts, and student-targeted events.

Senators work closely with students, faculty, and administration all across the university. The GSA recognizes that graduate students have unique needs both academically and professionally. Your GSA representatives work hard to meet those needs. GSA Senators exercise their full rights as representatives by attending and participating in meetings.

Executive Team

Representatives of the GSA are elected each semester, depending on when positions open. GSA representatives can serve in their position for up to two consecutive terms, but must elected for both terms. A term consists two semesters and a summer.

GSA representatives serve on university committees on campus, with the president holding a voting seat on the Graduate Council. They also represent graduate students at Registered Student Organization events and participate in academic and student experiences. GSA Representatives hold elected positions while enrolled in any degree or certificate-seeking program on campus. When a position becomes vacant, the GSA announces a request for nominations.

Positions on the executive team include the following:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Parliamentarian
  • Historian
  • Public Relations Coordinator

Current Representatives

Learn more about your current GSA representatives here or contact us for more information.