Executive Summary

The Office of Health Services continues to provide quality, accessible, evidenced-based health care to the students and employees of UALR.  Staffed by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, Registered Nurses, a Family Practice Physician (who serves as the consulting physician), and supported by laboratory services  that include off-site reference capability (through Quest diagnostics), Health Services is positioned within the campus community to evaluate and treat most any health concern that would take an individual to their primary care physician. Students and employees experiencing illnesses are saved time and money as they access health care conveniently here on campus.

Numbers of unplanned pregnancies decrease as more and more female students access contraceptive services.  In addition, students continue to be screened and treated for sexually transmitted infections throughout the year. These visits include targeted, individualized safe sex education. The office of Health Promotions, Program, and Education (HPPE) also provides group classes and student-led peer education on safe sex practices.

The increasing cost of delivering the broad array of health care options now provided through Health Services has prompted growth in the area of third party billing. Employees with UMR insurance are billed for their office visits.  In addition, Health Services now is the designated clinic for workers’ compensation cases. These two sources of revenue are helping to generate needed funds without any personal increase in cost to UALR employees (no co-pays are collected).

The rising cost of insuring employees for medical care has resulted in the UA System Office launching the OnLife Health employee wellness program.  Health Services has coordinated the enrollment of UALR employees into the wellness program for the past three years by providing employee biometric screenings.  In addition, Health Services has hosted employee “Lunch N’ Learns” on important health topics and further supported the effort by continuing smoking cessation classes, the Trojan Trailblazers walking program, and the ever popular Weight & Wellness program.  Health Services will be expanding its focus on employee wellness during the coming year with the hiring of a UALR Employee Wellness Coordinator.


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