Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is an option for students who maintain their physical presence requirement at UALR and take one or more courses at another SEVP certified institution while maintaining an active SEVIS record with UALR. The total enrollment must meet the minimum enrollment requirements per level.

Concurrent enrollment is different from a transfer student since the student will maintain spring and fall enrollment with UALR and ultimately receive their degree from UALR.

Coordinate with Academic Advisor

Students should coordinate with their academic advisor to make sure concurrent enrollment suites their degree plan and will be accepted toward their degree completion.

Receive Approval from International Student Advisor

If the number of UALR credits drops below full-time enrollment, students will need to receive authorization for Reduced Course Load (RCL) on the basis of concurrent enrollment prior to the 11th day of class. Students must maintain the minimum number of required hours in person at UALR and may request concurrent enrollment for additional courses. Authorization for RCL must be requested on a semester-by-semester basis.

To receive authorization from an International Student Advisor, when needed, submit the Concurrent Enrollment Form and attach proof of  enrollment at other school. Additional documentation may be requested.

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