J-1 Transfer Out Procedures

J-1 Students Transferring from UALR to Another U.S. School:

  1. Apply for admission to new SEVP certified US institution.
  2. Receive admission letter and request for their transfer in request form.
  3. Carefully read SEVIS transfer procedures below.
  4. Schedule an appointment with a UALR international student advisor. Bring admission letter and new school’s transfer in form.
  5. A UALR advisor will complete the transfer in form and submit it to the new school.
  6. The new school will  accept the transfer and send you the updated DS-2019 at the appropriate time.
  7. Report to the new school within 15 days of the program start date.

NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to receive approval of transfer from student’s sponsor, when applicable.

Processing time: Two weeks.
Deadline for Transferring within a program: Within 30 day grace period
Deadline for Transferring after program completion: Before next session begins at transfer in school; no later than 30 days after next UALR session begins.

SEVIS Transfer Procedures

Transfer Release Date

Your new school cannot create a DS-2019 for you until we “release” your immigration records in SEVIS. To do this, we must specify a “release date,” whereupon UALR will no longer be able to access or change your records, and the record will then fall under the jurisdiction of the new school.

30 Day Grace Period

If you have recently completed your program at UALR, you have a 30 day grace period where you can transfer your SEVIS record to a new school without violating your immigration status. Once your SEVIS record is transferred, you must begin your new program at the next available start date.

Drivers License Renewal for Transfer Students

Once your DS-2019 has been transferred to the new school, your SEVIS record will read “transfer pending” until your SEVIS record is activated within 30 days of the start of the new semester. While the transfer is pending, you will not be eligible to obtain or renew your  drivers license.

Transfer Students Who Travel Outside the U.S.

If you plan to travel outside the U.S. before classes at the new school starts, you should use the DS-2019 from the new school to re-enter the U.S.

Students Who Graduate From the University of Arkansas at Little Rock

If you graduate or complete your program of study at UALR and then wish to transfer to a new school (as opposed to transferring to a new school before you complete your studies at UALR), you should be aware that the transfer must be requested either during your last semester at UALR, or within 30 days following the end date of your last semester.

Canceling the Transfer Release Date

ISS can cancel or change your transfer plans any time up until the release date arrives. After the release date arrives, we have no further control over your SEVIS record, and you will then have to work with the new school if you wish to change your plans. For this reason, you need to remember the transfer release date that we choose during your appointment, which will be noted below, and request any changes BEFORE that date arrives.