Our Services

Back Charges

All mail that is sent through our mail machine for postage along with FedEx and any business reply charges are tallied at the end of the month by the director of Mail Services. Financial Services then debits the funds from the Cost Center that has been designated by the department for mail charges. It is important to inform the director of Mail Services of any Cost Center worktag changes in a timely manner. Prompt attention on your part will help you keep the balance sheet for your department or grant accurate.

Business Reply Mail

The university has a specific account set up for business reply mail. Please check with the UA Little Rock Department of Printing Services to make sure your business reply envelopes are up to date with the latest United States Postal Service (USPS) standards. If they are not, the USPS will charge you a higher rate to process and receive any business reply mail.

For assistance with business reply mail, contact Dale Fonville at 501-916-6626 or  rdfonville@ualr.edu.

Departmental Mail

The name of the recipient and their department should be clearly addressed on the mailing or transmittal envelope. Mail Services does not sort mail by building names and office numbers, eg. Ross Hall 4th Floor Office 975.  All Inter-Departmental UA Little Rock mail should be placed in the departmental outgoing mail bag.

For assistance with campus mail delivery, contact Dale Fonville at 501-916-6626 or rdfonville@ualr.edu.

Media Mail

We are able to send items via Media Mail with our mail machine. Media Mail service is a cost efficient way to mail books, sound recordings, recorded video tapes, printed music, and recorded computer-readable media (such as CDs, DVDs, and diskettes). Media Mail cannot contain advertising except for incidental announcements of books. The maximum weight for Media Mail is 70 lbs.

Personal Mail

Personal mail will be mailed with all outgoing mail from the university. Personal mail can be dropped off during hours of operation at the front counter slot in SUA 103 (Old Donaghey Student Union A). Mail Services also does not process personal certified mail.

State Courier

The official courier for the State of Arkansas picks up and drops off mail at Mail Services twice daily, Monday through Friday. If you have anything that is going to another state department within the State of Arkansas, please bring it to SUA 103 (Old Donaghey Student Union A).

Bowen School of Law

A courier from the UA Little Rock Bowen School of Law drops off and picks up mail from Mail Services once every day. This courier usually comes in the afternoon.