Alumni Spotlight: Marina Rutter

Marina Rutter of Volgograd, Russia, received her bachelor’s degree from UA Little Rock in December 2017 after studying Strategic Communication. She now lives in Chicago, where she is the marketing and communication manager for Multilingual Connections, an agency that provides translation, transcription and other services.

Marina also returned to school this semester to seek a graduate degree at Chicago’s DePaul University in PR and Advertising.

What were your favorite Mass Comm classes at UA Little Rock?
“I really enjoyed the PR Campaigns class because we got to work with a real client. It was a real-world experience where we learned the importance of teamwork and accountability, built out a PR campaign, and presented it to our client. Afterwards, it was rewarding to see the client use some of our ideas in their communications.”

Who was a faculty member who made a strong impact on you and your career path?
“I felt at home at the Mass Communications department, and all of the professors are truly invested in the students’ success. I want to especially thank Dr. Byrne-McCollum, Professor Barnes and Professor Rhodes. They have a lot of industry experience and I learned a lot from them.”

What is your favorite memory from your time at UA Little Rock?
“I loved being a part of the campus film club, I miss the time of brainstorm meetings, planning new videos and films, and meeting new people on campus.”

What advice would you give to current students?
“As a student, you should take advantage of the opportunities available, whether it’s taking a class outside of your major, working on an extra research project, or joining a club. The experience you get in class will be enough to get you started in your career, but to succeed, you should get as much experience as you can outside of the classroom. The video production and design experience I got from the film club helps me everyday in my work.”

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