Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication gives students the opportunity to choose from four unique emphasis areas. Our degree program exposes students to a broad spectrum of media studies while our location in Arkansas’ capital city gives students unique access to internships, service learning opportunities, and connections with media professionals.

As a mass comm student, you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to become a perceptive media consumer and practitioner, and will learn using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest software. We also work with our students to find relevant internship opportunities. See where some of our alumni currently work.

Emphasis Areas

Students have the opportunity to choose from four unique emphasis areas: journalism, mass media, media production and design, and strategic public relations. The mass media emphasis and strategic public relations emphasis are also offered fully online.


An emphasis on journalism will prepare students for careers in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, or internet journalism as reporters, writers, photographers, or editors. Students taking journalism writing courses must have at least minimal word processing ability. Journalism Curriculum

Mass Media

With a focus on mass media, this emphasis area is for students who want to pursue an individually-tailored course of study that will prepare them for careers in new media as well as traditional media areas. This major emphasizes the high degree of professionalism and responsibility expected in media-related industries. This emphasis area is also offered fully online. Mass Media Curriculum

Media Production and Design

With an empha­sis on media production and design, students will be provided with the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to become effective professionals in film or television production. Within this emphasis, students may also choose a specific focus on motion pictures. Media Production and Design Curriculum

Strategic Public Relations

A degree in Mass Communication with an empha­sis in Strategic Communication prepares students to be skilled researchers, writers, and planners capable of producing messaging campaigns for a variety of audiences. This emphasis area is also offered fully onlineStrategic Public Relations Curriculum

Early Entry – B.A. to M.A.

The Early Entry Bachelor of Arts to Master of Arts in Mass Communication program is designed to provide a student working towards a B.A. in Mass Communication a means to complete both the requirements for their undergraduate degree along with an M.A. in Mass Communication in a shorter amount of time than the traditional path.

Students who are enrolled in the B.A .can apply to Graduate School using an early entry program form for admission into the M.A. Learn more about this early entry path.


Graduation Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication requires a minimum of 120 hours/credits, completion of UA Little Rock core requirements, 42 hours of major requirements, completion of an outside upper-level requirement (12 hours), and a 2.0 overall GPA.