Alumni Spotlight: Madeline McGee

Madeline McGee of Little Rock graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and a minor in Marketing in 2017. She now lives in Philadelphia and is the digital marketing manager at Children’s Dental Health, the largest pediatric dental provider in Pennsylvania.

In the position, Madeline aims “to find new ways to reach and retain patients and establish a sense of trust with their parents,” she said. She oversees the company’s paid media, reputation management, email campaigns, and patients’ online experience.

What made you choose the UALR School of Mass Communication?
“A degree in Mass Communication opens a lot of doors, being such a versatile major! I started off in advertising and moved into marketing early on in my career. There’s so much room for self-growth since the major gives you so much room for flexibility.”

What’s the most important thing you took away from your studies at UA Little Rock?
“My senior Capstone Project pushed me to set and achieve high standards while handling a large workload, and it’s a piece that I showcase in my work portfolio.”

Is your career what you envisioned for yourself while you were studying?
“My career path is one I never even knew was a possibility. I never envisioned myself in the health field, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Finding a job and industry you’re passionate about makes every day at work fun and challenging!”

What advice would you give to current students?
“I’d advise students to be open to possibilities in your career field. If a job or internship sounds challenging but is something you’re passionate about, push yourself and do it to your best ability! Experience sets you up for success for years to come.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself? 
“I moved to Pennsylvania a few months ago after being in a long distance relationship for three years. I also just got my mini cockapoo puppy named Henri. We love to go on hikes and explore new foods and places!”

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