The University of Arkansas at Little Rock established the Multicultural Center in October 2018 with Dr. Mia D. M. Phillips as the director. In 2020, Chancellor Christina Drale renewed the University’s commitment to the Multicultural Center, designating physical space, funds, and staffing specifically to further The MC’s mission and vision.


The mission of the UA Little Rock Multicultural Center is to support all students at UA Little Rock by providing culturally-responsive programming and education to promote student success, personal growth, and a culture of respect and inclusion.


To create an environment where every student has the opportunity to be successful, regardless of sociohistorical factors, and where respect and inclusion of all cultures is the expectation and not the exception.


  • GOAL 1: Increase underrepresented student involvement in student success efforts such as leadership development programs and retention initiatives
  • GOAL 2: Provide culturally-responsive and relevant programming and services in collaboration with student organizations and other entities on campus and in the community.
  • GOAL 3: Create a safe and welcoming culture through dialogue and relationship building by providing a welcoming gathering space for all students.
  • GOAL 4: Build, Increase, and/or Sustain Student Capital (Cultural, Social, Financial, etc.)
  • GOAL 5: Obtain and sustain external funding for the Center

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