Up In Your Business – Professor Linda Holzer

On the Arkansas Flag and Banner Up In Your Business radio show, Professor Linda Holzer recently talked about a variety of subjects. At the link below you can hear how correct position can prevent injury; how modern conveniences can enable ease in music practice; and about the life story of Florence Price, a pioneering African American music composer.


Linda shares how she uses modern tech to bridge the centuries for music interpretation | Ep 94

Pianist Linda Holzer is a Chicago native and has performed in 30 states, as well as abroad in Europe, Australia, and Asia. In her twenties, prior to her appointment at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, she served as an artist-in-residence for four seasons, performing under the auspices of the North Carolina Visiting Artist Program, with artistic outreach to diverse audiences, from concert halls to community centers, school auditoriums, correctional facilities, and libraries.

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