Calcium-Channel Blocking and Nanoparticles-Based Drug Delivery for Treatment of Drug-Resistant Human Cancers

Authors: Meena Mahmood, Thikra Mustafa, Yang Xu, Zeid Nima, Ganesh Kannarpady, Shawn Bourdo, Daniel Casciano, and Alexandru S. Biris

Publication: Therapeutic Delivery, Volume 5, Issue 7


Background: Cancer cell chemoresistance is one of the major limitations to successful cancer treatment and one of the factors that is responsible for the possible recurrence of the disease. Here, we aimed to combine a calcium-channel blocker, verapamil, with an alternative delivery of the anti-cancer drug, doxorubicin, using nanostructural materials. This approach could reduce the cellular resistance to chemotherapeutics agents. Results: The outcome of this complex approach on cellular viability was investigated by using various assays in both a time- and concentration-dependent manner: WST-1, flow cytometry cell viability assay, fluorescence microscopy, DNA fragmentation, and TUNEL labeling of apoptotic cells. Conclusion: All of these analytical assays confirmed the ability to reduce the chemoresistance of the cancer cells based on the proposed procedure.

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