Raman spectroscopy using plasmonic and carbon-based nanoparticles for cancer detection, diagnosis, and treatment guidance. Part 2: Treatment

Authors: Emilie Darrigues, Vijayalakshmi Dantuluri, Zeid A. Nima, Kieng Bao Vang-Dings, Robert J. Griffin, Alexandru R. Biris, Anindya Ghosh, and Alexandru S. Biris

Publication: Drug Metabolism Reviews Vol. 49 , Iss. 2, 2017


Raman spectroscopy and surface-enhanced raman scattering (SERS) have the potential to improve the detection and monitoring of various diseases, particularly cancer, with or without the support of multifunctional active nanosystems. This review is focused on the recent advances that have made Raman a major tool for treatment guidance for surgical tumor resection or for analytical monitoring of various therapies, such as photodynamic therapy, photothermal therapy, and drug delivery. The potential of Raman spectroscopy and nanosytems to further improve cancer treatments is also discussed.

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