Transfer Students

Fall 2020 Orientation

Although participation in orientation is not required for transfer students, it is free and will enable you to learn more about our university and processes. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to register for orientation below. While registering, you will complete a brief questionnaire, to be used by your advisor to personalize your advising experience.

You will be contacted to make an appointment for a one-on-one advising session and ensure that you are able to register for classes. The person or office from which you can expect to hear from depends on your major and can be found here

In the meantime, you can also access some additional materials to help you prepare for your advising appointment and learn about academics and technology. These materials are in Blackboard, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s learning management system. Your homepage in Blackboard is also a dashboard through which you can access systems that you will use frequently, including the one you will use to register for classes.

The following series of short videos will guide you to the pre-advising materials in Blackboard. Please view them in order: 

Resetting your BOSS pin in order to log into BOSS 

Logging into BOSS to create a NetID for Blackboard 

Logging into Blackboard and accessing your pre-advising materials

We also provide short videos and other opportunities to learn about degree programs, financial aid and scholarships, campus life, housing, dining options, and other topics for a successful experience at UA Little Rock.

If you have any questions regarding advising please visit or call 501-569-3000.

Register Here

During Orientation:

Learn about various campus services and resources available to students like academic support, health services, campus safety, living on campus, dining options, and the opportunities to get involved and make the most of your time on campus.

If you have questions about orientation please review our Frequently Asked Questions page.
For more specific questions, please contact our office at or call Ask UA Little Rock at 501-569-3000.

If you are a military or international student, please check out these resources:

UA Little Rock Military Student Success Center

UA Little Rock is proud to offer the Military Student Success Center to all our military students and families. The Center serves as a place where military students can socialize, study, and get information about available resources. The facility has a computer area, where military students can do homework, as well as a lounge area and break room. UA Little Rock has the honor of being a Purple Heart University. Please check out the military student checklist before classes begin.

International Student Services

If you are an international student studying at UA Little Rock, you will have Orientation with the Office of International Student Services. For more information, contact or 501-683-7566.