LPN/Paramedic to RN Admission Requirements

The School of Nursing at UA Little Rock meets the state education requirements for the Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Science in Nursing Registered Nurse license in the state of Arkansas. UA Little Rock has not determined if the School of Nursing meets the state education requirements in any other state, any U.S. territory, or the District of Columbia.

Admission Requirements

  1. Be fully admitted to UA Little Rock. Transfer students currently enrolled in other universities at the time of application are required to apply and be admitted into UA Little Rock before applying to the School of Nursing.
  2. Attend a Pre-Admission Information Session hosted by the School of Nursing before submitting an application for the AAS program.
  3. Have successfully completed MATH 1302 or higher level mathematics course (excludes statistics), RHET 1311, RHET 1312, PSYC 2300 or SOCI 2300, and BIOL 1411/1412 or 1433 (or their equivalents for transfer students). Successful completion of one of the following: CHEM 1405 Fundamentals of GOB Chemistry or its equivalent or a higher level chemistry course (excludes Chemistry & Society), BIOL 2401, or US History core requirement.
  4. Have a minimum GPA of 2.60 in completed AAS general education courses. The GPA is based on the completed courses at the time of application. GPA is calculated using the most recent grade earned.
  5. Students who have completed coursework at UA Little Rock must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or greater at the university.
  6. Submit an online LPN/Paramedic transition application with all required documents between Dec. 15 and the Jan. 31 deadline.

LPNs must hold a valid unencumbered LPN or LPTN license in the state of Arkansas or mutual state licensure recognized by the Arkansas State Board Nurse Licensure Compact or be a recent graduate of an approved LPN program.

LPN’s with less than 1000 hours of employment within 24 months of the application period AND not a recent graduate of LPN school will be required to complete the Elsevier HESI LPN-ADN Entrance Exam.

Paramedics must hold certification from the Arkansas Department of Health as a paramedic and current registration as a paramedic with the National Registry of EMTs. Paramedics with less than 1000 hours of employment within 24 months of the application period will be required to complete the Elsevier HESI EMS-ADN Entrance Exam.

Initially, students will be conditionally admitted to the nursing program. Students will be officially admitted upon completion of the following:

  • Submission of required documents and test scores by the application deadline, Jan. 31 at 5 p.m.
  • Maintenance of required GPA (required general education course(s) and UA Little Rock) at the end of the Spring semester of application
  • Attend the required nursing program orientation
  • Successful completion of NURS 1330 and 1130 in the summer term

Technology Requirements

Students must have access to a working computer (laptop or desktop) outside of the university setting with the specifications to meet course and curriculum requirements. Chromebooks, iPads, and tablets will not meet course/curriculum requirements. Access to a stable internet connection outside of the university setting is also required with up-to-date software such as Windows 10 and the equivalent operating system for MAC users.

Operating System Browser Browser Notes
Windows 10 and later Google Chrome Most current version
Microsoft Edge Most current version
MacOS 10.13 and later Google Chrome or Apple Safari Safari Users must disable the “prevent cross-site tracking” setting under Safari privacy setting
Chrome OS, IOS, and Android Google Chrome Most current version
  • Internal or external microphone
  • Internal or external webcam

*For users with computers running older versions of either Windows or MacOS, both Microsoft and Apple offer free upgrades to newer versions of these operating systems. They provide instructions for upgrading on their respective websites. Be sure to verify you are only downloading software from official company websites and not illegitimate third parties.