Complaint Resolution

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock seeks to resolve student complaints in a fair and expeditious manner. All students, including those participating in distance education, are encouraged to follow the University’s internal grievance resolution process, such as its academic grievance procedures for Undergraduate and Graduate students.

If a complaint cannot be resolved internally, a student may file a complaint with the appropriate authority in his/her state of residence. The Student Grievance Contact Information provides a list of appropriate state officials and/or entities for each state. Students may also contact the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, which is the University’s regional accrediting body.

Complaint Process Report

The SHEEO Complaint Process Report is a compilation of web links and/or explanations, for all agencies within the US (including Puerto Rico and Washington, DC), of the existing process(es) that students can follow in order to lodge a complaint against an institution authorized by that agency.

Student Grievance Contact Information for Individual States

For a list of individual state contact information for student grievance procedures, visit our Student Grievance Contact Information page.