Labor Redistribution

The labor redistribution process, from request to approval, is completed in BOSS. Instead of submitting paper Personnel Action Forms (PAFs), staff now create and approve labor redistribution transactions for the previous pay  via the BOSS system. Please note that all requests must be processed by specific deadlines each semester.

Employees seeking to initiate/submit Labor Redistribution should see the Labor Redistribution Manual for complete instructions. Employees seeking to approve requests should see the Labor Redistribution Approver Guide for complete instructions. Login with your NetID to access the manuals.


Labor Redistribution quick reference:

To approve a Labor Redistribution:

  • Log on BOSS.
  • Choose Employee tab, Labor Redistribution link.
  • Click on ‘Labor Redistribution’ tab.
  • Click on ‘Approvals’ link.
  • Open the labor redistribution and click on ‘Approve’ if it looks OK.

To request more than one Labor Redistribution at once for multiple pay events:

  1. Log on BOSS (using user ID and password).
  2. Click on Employee Tab.
  3. Click on Effort Certification.
  4. Check the Labor Redistribution Tab at the top of the page – Person Search is defaulted.
  5. Click “Advanced Search.”
  6. Under Person Search, enter in the following:
    • ID Number: enter the T#
    • Pay ID: Enter ‘RG’ for regular employees or ‘HR’ for Hourly employees
    • From Pay Year: 2017
    • To Pay Year: 2018
    • From Pay Number: 1
    • To Pay Number: 24
      • NOTE: All fields must be entered. Searching by ID only is not recommended and may crash the browser.
  1. Click Go.
  2. When the results are displayed, select the employee and pay event(s) to adjust. To adjust multiple pay events at once, highlight multiple records by left clicking on the record and holding down the ‘control’ key.
  3. Click the yellow “Open” icon located on the top, above the Person Search line.
  4. Select the Pay Period from the Pay Period and Earn Codes on the side bar on the right side of screen. Use the drop down arrow menu to navigate from one pay event to another. You can also navigate to ‘Regular shift’ earn code and other earn codes such as Holiday, Bonus, Sick Shift, etc.
  5. Click the Edit icon (yellow pencil) to update the distribution window.
  6. Ensure the Posting Date falls within the same academic year and in an open accounting period. You may have to use your keyboard’s up and down keys to select the posting date, instead of using the mouse.
  7. Enter the adjustments.
  8. Check the ‘Change All’ checkbox to search and change for all records identical to the current record(s). Changes will be made to all matching records.
  9. Click the ‘Save’ button.
  10. Click ‘Comments’ link to add a comment. A detailed explanation of why a labor redistribution is requested is required.
  11. Click the ‘Submit’ button.
  12. Check the ‘Routing Queue’ to ensure all the approvers required are listed.
  13. Labor Redistributions submitted on the same batch using ‘Change All’ feature will have the same batch ID.
  14. Notify the approvers that a labor redistribution needs to be approved.
  15. You can check on the status of the labor redistribution using the ‘Person Search’ menu.
  16. Always log off when you are done.

To request a Labor Redistribution for a pay event:
Follow the steps above.
Instead of selecting multiple pay event, you will only select one pay event. You won’t have to place a check mark on the ‘Change All’ box.

To approve more than one/multiple Labor Redistributions at once:

– First, the multiple redistribution must have been requested as a batch using the “Change All” feature, and they will have the same batch ID.
– Log on BOSS.
– Choose ‘Employee’ tab, then ‘Labor Redistribution’ link.
– Click on ‘Labor Redistribution’ tab.
– Click on ‘Approvals’ link.
– Place a check mark on ‘Select’ one redistribution.
– Click on ‘Select Batch’ button. This will auto select all the redistribution in the same batch.
– Click the yellow folder ‘Open’  icon on the top.
– Use the pull down arrow menu “Pay Period & Earn Codes” on the right to navigate from one pay event to other pay events. Review the Changes.
– Click ‘Approve all’ or ‘Return for Correction’

To add a comment:
A detailed explanation of why a Labor Redistribution is requested is required.

  • Click the Comments link.
  • Be specific about your comment, detailing the reason for the Labor Redistribution and the allocation of funds. Include funds number, amount, and dates. Comment of ‘Changed fund’ is not sufficient.
  • Click the Save button.


To set up a proxy:

  • Log on BOSS.
  • Choose Employee tab, Labor Redistribution link.
  • Click on ‘Labor Redistribution’ tab.
  • Click on ‘Proxy or Superuser’ link on the top left.
  • Click ‘Add Proxy’ button.
  • Type the name of the proxy. Choose the name of the proxy from the list.
  • Click ‘Save’.

To approve as a proxy:

  • After logging on to the Labor Redistribution system, click on ‘Proxy or Superuser’ link.
  • On the drop down menu: ‘Act as Proxy for’, choose the name of the person you are acting as a proxy for.
  • Click ‘Save’ button.
  • Click on ‘Approvals’ link on the top left.
  • Under ID, type T00* , if the list isn’t auto populating.


ORSP and Payroll hold workshops on labor redistribution processing regularly. We are currently holding one on one workshops on request.

The following topics are covered in the labor redistribution workshops:

  • Initiating and Approving Labor Redistribution
  • Initiating and Approving Labor Redistribution for multiple pay events
  • Adding a comment