University Cost Sharing Policy and Information

Some programs require the university to match funding or share in the cost of a project. This cost share/match may be in cash or in-kind resources. ORSP is required to track cost sharing on sponsored projects.

Always check the RFP to see if university cost sharing/matching is required. UA Little Rock strongly discourages voluntary cost sharing arrangements for all sponsored programs, as these arrangements involve unique accounting procedures and require funding resources from UA Little Rock. UA Little Rock provides only the minimum amount of cost sharing necessary to meet sponsors’ requirements.

All individuals involved with the administration and conduct of sponsored award activities, including departmental sponsored project administrators, principal investigators, and other research personnel, should be aware of UA Little Rock cost sharing policies. Find a detailed explanation of individuals’ responsibilities in the cost sharing process here.

For more information about UA Little Rock cost sharing requirements, please browse the content and visit the links below. If you have questions about cost sharing, contact ORSP at

UA Little Rock Cost Sharing Information

UA Little Rock Cost Sharing Policy

To comply with all applicable federal laws and regulations and sponsoring agency guidelines, UA Little Rock must be accountable for documenting and verifying cost sharing commitments. UA Little Rock’s cost sharing policy adheres to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, Sections 2 CFR 215.23(a)(5), 200.29, and 200.306.

Cost sharing commitments necessitate increased monitoring to ensure compliance. When there is documented evidence that the commitment is necessary to ensure the competitiveness of the proposal, school officials may allow these commitments by approving them in writing before a proposal is submitted and managing the committed resources.

Three types of cost sharing exist, two of which ORSP must track and report: mandatory cost sharing, voluntary committed cost sharing, and voluntary uncommitted cost sharing.

Once committed in a proposal narrative, proposal budget, or notice of award, mandatory and voluntary committed cost sharing funds must be verifiable and fully documented in the accounting records in accordance with government regulations.

Note: Third-party in-kind contributions do not require accounting entries in UA Little Rock’s accounting system. However, adequate records must be maintained to demonstrate that the full cost share commitment was performed. Effort commitment must be certified in the time and effort certification process for mandatory and voluntary committed cost sharing.