Jana McAuliffe

Office: Stabler Hall, Room 307
Email: jxmcauliffe@ualr.edu
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Jana McAuliffe joined the UA Little Rock Department of Philosophy & Interdisciplinary Studies faculty in Fall 2016. She received her PhD from DePaul University and specializes in social and political philosophy, particularly questions of race, class, and gender. Her current project interrogates the role that taste plays in creating political orientations, arguing that changing tastes can play an important role in anti-racist and anti-sexist politics. Dr. McAuliffe teaches Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Theory, Philosophy of Race, and Philosophy of Law, as well as The Philosophical Life and Ethics and Society. She is an Affiliate Faculty member in the Gender Studies program, a member of the UALR Safe Zone Committee, the faculty sponsor of the Socratic Society, and the co-organizer of the Arkansas High School Ethics Bowl.

Selected Publications

“Ethical Openness in the Work of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak,” Feminist Philosophy Quarterly 6.2 (2020)

“She’s making profit now: neoliberalism, ethics, and feminist critique,” philoSOPHIA (forthcoming in 2020)

Review of Sarah Tyson, Where are the Women? Why Expanding the Archive Makes Philosophy Better, philoSOPHIA (forthcoming in 2020)

“A Taste for the Political,” Rejoinder #3 (2018)