UPDATE: Decommissioning of Facilities Management Policies

After careful review, Facilities Management determined the following policies should be removed from the university’s policy library. Most are tied to outside regulating bodies (e.g., OSHA, AR Dept. of Labor, ANSI, etc.), and restated continuously updated regulations and guidelines. So, information from many of these highlighted policies below will be rolled into one of two manuals tied to two new policies (i.e., Workplace Safety, Laboratory Safety). This will allow us to avoid restating information found in State and Federal agencies, nor require the need to constantly update the policies when regulations change. Those not located in a Safety Manual have been fully decommissioned, as noted below:

Policy #Policy NameUpdate
LR 701.1Aerial Lifts and Work PlatformsWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.2Basic Animal Services Disaster PlanDecommission per IACUC
6/1/23. IACUC will implement their
LR 701.6Compressed Gas CylindersLab Safety Manual
LR 701.9Electrical Safety ProgramWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.11Emergency Evacuation/Refuge for Persons with DisabilitiesWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.12Excavation and TrenchingWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.13Eye Protection RequirementsWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.14Facility Safety PlanWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.16Fall Prevention ProgramWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.17Fire Prevention and Protection PlanWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.18Forklift Safety ProgramWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.21HazMat Response TeamDecommission
LR 701.22Laboratory Fume Hood Performance Criteria and Certification
Lab Safety Manual
LR 701.23Ladder Safety ProgramWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.24Lockout and TagoutWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.25Machine GuardingWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.26Minors in UALR LaboratoriesLab Safety Manual
LR 701.27Power Tool SafetyWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.29Respiratory ProtectionLab Safety Manual
LR 701.31Scaffold SafetyWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.33Tornado SafetyWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.34Welding Safety and Hot WorkWorkplace Safety Manual
LR 701.36Administrative Closure and Securing of Laboratories and
Lab Safety Manual
LR 702.3Mercury Containing Fluorescent Lamp and Light Bulb

The UA Little Rock Policy Management Board voted to follow Facilities Management’s recommendations and the changes took effect on November 3rd, 2023.

Please contact the Policy Management Board with any related questions or to request more information.

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