Update to Off-Campus Duty Assignments (OCDA) – LR 402.41

On December 14, 2023, Chancellor Christina Drale approved updates to UA Little Rock policy: Off-Campus Duty Assignments (OCDA) – LR 402.41.

Summary of Updates:

  • Addition of the following policy language: “Faculty who have submitted for tenure may not submit for OCDA within the same year.”
  • Addition of the following policy language: “There must be evidence that the faculty member’s absence will not cause an undue burden on the academic unit or a gap in service to the students, for example: the OCDA will not require additional Education and General (E and G) funds, assignment of classes to other faculty will not result in teaching overload, and/or that the usual assigned classes can be moved to an alternative
    semester without adversely impacting student progression in degree completion.
  • Three objectives:
    1. Delineate UA Little Rock requirements of board policy UASP 435.4 (Off-Campus Duty Assignments).
    2. Prevent faculty who have also submitted for tenure not also applying for OCDA the same year tenure is being applied for.
    3. Include a section about unit burden and student service impact due to faculty member’s absence.

For questions about these policy updates, please contact the Policy Management Board.

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